Rules and Regulations

   Discipline is an integral part of the school culture. The School encourages self-discipline that arises from within and remains throughout life. Some general rules of discipline to be followed are:

     Students are expected to maintain discipline within the school campus and in class.

·       Students should be neatly dressed and enter the campus in proper school uniform at all times unless instructed otherwise. Student ID card should be worn at all times while in school.

·           Students should remain within the school campus during school hours and not venture out on any pretext.

·          Students must keep their class and surroundings clean and tidy.

·          Mobile phones, cameras, radios or any other gadgets are strictly prohibited inside the school premises. CD/pen drive may be brought only if they have been asked by any teacher for an educational purpose.

·         Care must be taken of school property and if any damage is done, it will be made good by the concerned student together with a fine imposed for the offence.

·      Our students are expected to speak only in English right from the moment they enter the school premises and also inside school vans.

·             Discipline and good behavior should be maintained inside the school vans.

·            Bullying is strictly not allowed and action will be taken if any case of bullying is observed.

·             All tests and evaluations are compulsory and exemption from evaluations will not be considered unless on medical            grounds supported with evidence.

·      Taking leave during working days is strongly discouraged. Parents are responsible to make up for the loss of the studies in case of leave taken. The school will expect these students to be at par with the class in every way and that must be ensured by the parents only.

·       Any kind of tour or picnic undertaken by students in groups should have the support of parents and elders should accompany them.

·      Students are encouraged to maintain a simple lifestyle and keep away from flamboyance. Please cooperate to ensure that proper discipline is maintained inside and outside school premises.